Deanne Johnson, PhD

Psychoeducational assessments

educational coaching/Counseling

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Deanne Johnson, PhD iis a Licensed Educational Psychologist (L.E.P. CA 1781) and a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (L.P.C.C. CA1001) with more than 30 years of experience as a psychologist in the schools and in private practice.

Dr. Johnson has published articles on learning disabilities and special education, and she has been a Visiting Professor of School Psychology at San Diego State.

Dr. Johnson received her training in graduate programs at San Diego State University (M.S.) and University of California, Riverside (PhD). She has had advanced training and experience with neuropsychological assessment (UC Berkeley), NEBA scans for ADHD, and autism identification. She is also  a COGMED provider.

Get on the right PATh to understanding your needs with...

Comprehensive assessment to identify specific learning or vocational needs, with a detailed report

Identification (as appropriate) for educational accommodations, special education, college or vocational support programs, and advanced educational placement

Counseling and consultation for learning difficulties, behavior concerns, and adjustment

Workshops for high school and college transition, emphasizing critical skills needed for success

Referral to and coordination with appropriate intervention specialists and services available locally

The initial phone consultation is provided free of charge, to assist in determining a plan of action, prior to making an appointment.